With the customers’ needs in mind, we take steady steps to provide unparalleled, customized products and services tailored to please. Willy Group flaunts its high production flexibility, unrestricted manufacturing quantities, and attentiveness to consumer requirements and market interests. Our innovative approaches to manufacturing and distribution allow us to hail with untraditional designs that clients appreciate.


Utilizing Egypt’s strategic geographic location enabled us to considerably cut the shipping and distribution costs. These competitive edges allow us to provide distinguishing products, with reasonable prices at convenient shipping timeframes. Willy Group emphasizes on the significance of producing a top-class range of products that in spite of being affordable to consumers, never compromise on quality.


Quality is the essence of excellence. From day one, we’ve invested in advanced facilities and equipment,  so we slowly became one of a kind in the region and a go-to source for production, shipping and distribution of skin and hair care items. Thanks to our progressive technologies and specialized laboratories, we are able to manufacture standard as well as customised product lines that meet the clients’ suggestions and needs.

Research & Development

Our R&D department works on cultivating new and already existing products undertaken by the group. The development processes go hand-in-hand with maintaining the highest respect to current environmental laws, as well as local and international product regulations and policies. Being up-to-date with the latest technological advancements has enabled us to manufacture customized products that sustain our great safety and quality measures.


Our range of exports include aerosol cans along with other filled products such as air fresheners, hair sprays and shampoos, skin care items, household cleaning products, along with a variety of customized personal and professional care commodities. We have long-standing clients across Europe, Turkey, South Africa and the MENA region. And we work on attracting new deals and increasing out network consistently.


Willy Group has been involved in manufacturing and distributing products for more than 30 years. Our extensive market knowledge has enabled us to pioneer as the most experienced production group in the region. Our secret formula is a generous investment in product and machinery development, extensive employee training, and premium raw materials. These three key factors, along with a mesmerising geographical location, has helped us provide unmatched service for our loyal clients and consumers.

Quality Control

All of our production facilities are certified by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We are deeply committed to providing top-quality products. This vision has kept us ahead of other local manufacturers for decades. Our belief is nourishing our quality control measures by keeping up with international standards, developing product analyses programs, supervising the work performance and ensuring utmost precision. Our quality assurance team look over all production phases starting with receiving high-end raw materials to the final packaging and shipment of products. Each phase is paralleled with consistent follow-ups, feedback, and service improvement.

Low Freight Costs

Having low freight costs is one of the best advantages one can have in the market today. Generally speaking, Egypt is mainly a net importer. In other words, most of the time containers shipped back to Europe or the U.S. are empty. Therefore, our geographical location allows us to deliver shipments rather quickly; meaning more prospect deals for importing and exporting. Egypt’s distinguished position between the Mediterranean and the Red Seas enables us to deliver efficiently to Europe, North Africa, and Asia within five days. We can ship to the U.S. in 21 days.