We produce a selection of anti-stain, long-lasting and anti-bacterial deodorant sprays and roll ons for men and women. Our Voodoo deodorant line for men comes with five fabolous scents: Twist, Hot Ever, Dynamic Vyber, and Excite.

Voodoo Women, on the other hand, is available in six variants; Exotic, Intense, Brazilia, Lyrics, and Metallica.

As for the Karesse Deodorant collection, we’ve tailored five scents for men and six for women, including sports-friendly, extra effect, classic, fruity and exotic.

Finally, we produce X-Trix Deodorant for men. X-Trix is available in five variants: Gass, Intense, Brazilia, Lyrics, and Metallica.

We’ve, too, developed our own line of perfumes, Jewels for Women is a travel-friendly fragrance available in three variations; Fantasia, Gold and Chic. Jewels emits citrusy, tropical scents with hints of musk and amber that deepens its effect makes it captivating.



Voodoo Everyday

Voodoo Passion

Voodoo Exotic

Voodoo Fashion

Voodoo Amour

Voodoo Vyber

Voodoo Excite

Voodoo Victory

Voodoo Twist

Voodoo Dynamic


Karesse Elegance

Karesse Dolce

Karesse Classic

Karesse Effect

Karesse Sport

Karesse Wild


X-Trix Gazz

X-Trix Brazilia

X-Trix Intense

X-Trix Metallica

X-Trix Lyrics



Jewels Chic

Jewels Gold

Jewels Fantazy